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So lets look at the word skin rejuvenation and what this means. I am sure most us know that the skin has its own natural ability to rejuvenate itself. Our body has its own fantastic way to heal and rejuvenate. To survive! We sleep to recover from the day and to re-energise ourselves and repair, just like our skin goes through a natural desquamation process.

The desquamation process is the natural shedding process of exfoliating dead skin cells. These skin cells are also called keratinised or horny skin cells. They are the very outer part of the epidermis that have been produced in the malphigian layer and are gradually pushed to the surface where they are discarded to make way for fresh new skin.

We can encourage the exfoliation process by using either a mechanical or chemical peel process to remove unwanted dead skin cells that can stick to the surface due to a poor cleansing routine or excess sebum production. The accumulated dust debri together with sebum leads to pore blockages resulting in spots and uneven skin tone.

Mechanical exfoliation is the process of physically scrubbing and abrading the epidermis to remove the dead skin cells and bulid up. This can be with products such as micro crystal particals or micro beads found in many skin care products or the mechanical use of beauty equipment such as Microdermabrasion.

Chemical exfoliation is the use of acids and enzymes that are applied in varying concentrations to peel away or disolve skin cells to encourage rejuvenation and collagen synthesis. AHAs and BHAs such as Glycolic, Salicylic, Malic, Fruit and Pumpkin Enzymes are just a few examples.

Each of my power peel and skin rejuvenation treatments carry all the hallmarks of a relaxing spa facial treatment.

I use a variety of cosmecutical products including Dermalogica, Jan Marini and Neostrata that contain the latest power ingredients. Skin concerns can be targeted with the use of stem cells, vitamin A and C, antioxidants and minerals to name just a few.

Exfoliating enzymes such as Bromelain, pumpkin and papaya which remove the outer layer of keratinised skin cells allowing for effective absorption of active ingredients. By removing these dead skin cells the chosen chemical peel is able to penetrate sufficiently to treat a variety of skin concerns. With the addition of super charged ingredients and poweful anti oxidants and vitamins which aid in combating the visible signs of aging and protect against skin damage.

From start to finish you will feel completely pampered and totally relaxed.

Waht can I expect during my chemical peel?

After your consultation, skin evaluation and suitability have been concidered the treament will be explained.

Your skin will be cleansed and prepped for your skin peel.

Prior to application of the skin peel the outer horny layer of dead skin cells and any surface oil are removed to enable better penetration of the chemical peel. Depending on the type of peel this may be with either an enzymatic exfoliant or a buffered salicylic solution.

When the peel is applied and depending on the type and strength you will feel what can be described as any of the following;





All of these sensations are normal and deminish once the peel has been neutralised.

The treatment is finished with either specialist hydrating masks, anti-oxidants, peptides or soothing oils/creams or electrical infusion to hydrate and stabilise the skin. All dependent on the peel and skin type.

What can I expect fter my chemical peel?

Directly after your treatment your skin will feel smooth with a luminous glow and with correct home care and regular treatments the effects will last.

With stronger peels that produce a visible peel with down time, your skin will begin to feel tight and over the coming days your skin will begin to peel. Once again the degree of peeling can vary depending on the type and strength of peel being used. With stronger peels the skin and pigmentation can appear darker but as the skin begins to shed fresh new skin is evident.

It is very important that you do not pick or peel away the dead skin as the fresh new skin cells underneath are still pink and delicate. If you do this can lead to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and in some cases infection. The best way to envisage a skin peel is as a controlled form of burning because after all that is exactly what it is. Leave to heal!

How can I care for my skin after my chemical peel?

Following your treatment I will give you vebal information backed up with a hard copy on home care advice and product recommendations. You should follow instructions given to you by your aesthetician/the person who has carried out your treatment.This is because she is the one person who knows exacty what products and ingredients have been used on your skin and what not to use during any down town/healing.

Home care instructions are put in place to prevent you from doing or using anyhting on your skin that may result in unwanted adverse reactions. If in doubt always consult me.

Chemical Peel Treatments

Anti aging Organic Glycolic Peel

A light to medium peel for the removal of superficial layers of the skin. Used for treating fine lines and pigmentation whilst preventing black heads and build up of dead skin cells which can cause blocked pores and blemishes. Suitable for dry, mature and oily skin types. Course of 3 to 6 recommended.


Desensitising Organic Lactic Peel

So gentle even the most sensitive skin types can tolerate this fabulous peel. Gently removes the outer layer of skin (Stratum Corneum) and helps neutralize excessive rednness making this chemical peel the perfect choice for Rosacea and sensitivity. Evens skin tone brightens and hydrates. A light peel with minimal or zero down time.

Course of 6 recommended.


Deconjesting Salicylic Organic Peel

Penetrates deep into the pores to help dissolve hardened sebum debris. Its vaso constrictor properties brings about a squeezing/tightening action of the skin to help clear blocked pores. A light to medium depth peel which is a perfect choice for treating thickened skin and acne. Can also be used to treat ingrowing hairs preventing folliculitis.

Course of 3 to 6 recommended.


Skin Resurfacing and Smoothing Organic Jessner Peel

A medium depth peel consisting of a combination of Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Resorcinol. A perfect choice for treating cystic type acne and acne which are resistant to other milder peeling agents. Effectively removes discolourations, blemishes and some scarring caused by acne. No need for mechanical extraction of blackheads. Marked improvement to the clarity of the skin. Enhances collagen production making this a very effective anti-aging treatment to reverse the signs of aging by improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and photodamaged skins types and conditions.

Course of 3 recommended.


Skin Resurfacing and Correction Organic TCA Peel

This medium to deep peel is used anti-aging peel used to treat a wide range of skin conditions. It reverses the signs of aging, refines and reduces pore size, scarring, and discolouration caused by sun damage. TCA is not limited to the face and can be used on other parts of the body such as the back (acne) , neck and elbows (dry skin).

Course of 3 recommended.


Coming Soon The Power Peel 90

The ultimate in customised skin rejuvenation therapy



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