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Facials and Skin Treatments

Dermalogica are one of the leading professional skin care product ranges in the Uk and all around the world. With over 25 years of dedication in advanced skin care and cosmetology, Dermalogica has been the number one choice for many skin care specialists, spas and salons all over the globe. With its dedication to skin health and result driven treatments, their education for professional aestheticians is second to none. Dermalogicas unique product formulas contain only the finest ingredients available and contain no artificial colours or fragrances, irritants or mineral oils.

Dermalogica facials and skin treatments in Hertford by Geraldine Ridgway Aesthetic Beauty Services. Bespoke luxury facials and power peels for anti aging .

From the very begining of your facial skin treatment a thorough consultation is carried out to evaluate the most suitable treatment that is unique to you and your skin type or condition. I use face mapping to address probem areas that need special attention. Specific products will be chosen from either the Ultra Calming, Age Smart, Medibac or Power Bright TRx selection to customize a bespoke facial or skin treatment.

Ultrabright Peel

The Dermalogica Lactic Acid Peel helps to address the early signs of aging to prevent early signs of aging. Evens skin tone, hydrates and brightens the skin. Utilising Dermalogicas skin formulas for a customised skin treatment.

Advanced Renewal Peel

The Dermalogica Glycolic Acid Peel to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and remove hyperpigmentation and sun damged skin.

Power Clear Peel

Dermalogicas clearing peel is a blend of Salicylic, Mandelic and Malic Acid, their patented Terpineaol- Thymol complex to target blemishes, redness and post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

A 60 minute bespoke facial using the latest professional-grade powerful active ingredients for a radient glowing skin complexion. Incorporates the latest technology to boost collagen and smooth the skin.

A totally unique treatment emcompassing face mapping and holistic therapy to address skin concerns and target areas.


A 30 minute signature treatment to target exfoliation and replenish moisture levels. Incorporating electro- infusion of serums and specialist ingredients to target key concerns. This is a high impact treatment so no massage with this firm favourite.


Teenage Facial- 60 minutes

A great introduction and informative facial to educate teenage fledgings in how to care for their skin at home. No harsh ingredients here, just innovative techniques and ingredients to exfoliate and extract unwanted blackheads to help promote healthy clean skin.


Pro Power Peel 30

A 30 minute skin peel treatment that is customised for instant rejuvenation and refreshment of the skin. A deep exfoliation to target specific skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and blemishes.


Power Peel 60

For a transformative advanced skin peel treatment combining the benefits of the Pro Peel 30 and the pro 60 facial. Skin peel results are dramatically enhanced by selection of electro therapies, advanced power driven ingredients, light therapy and customised holistic massage.




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