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Microneeding-Meta Therapy

anti aging and wrinkle treatments

Microneedling and Meta Therapy is a skin rejuvenation treatment and can also be referred to as Dermaroller, Dermapen and/or Collagen Induction or Meta Therapy (medical esthetic tissue activating therapy). This advanced treatment can be carried out using a manual needling roller or an electrical microneedling device/pen. Both methods create a multitude of tiny punctures within the skin to trigger the bodies natural healing and rejuvenation process.

The electrical motor driven pen method is more effective for targetting specific skin issues and can be used in conjunction with the hand roller method for customised treatments.

The puncture wounds create tiny channels within the skin allowing specialist ingredients to be delivered and absorbed to and by the target area. These tiny perforations stimulate the bodys natural healing response by kickstarting the production of new cells, collagen and elastin. This rejuvenation process results in plumping of the skin thus smoothing fine lines, wrinkles improving the surface texture and appearance of the skin.

Scars and stretch marks can also be dramatically improved with this treatment.

Although you will see improvement after your first treatment the collagen production process begins to take proper form from 4 weeks and continued improvement for a year and more.

Varying needle length is also an important factor when carrying out specific treatments.

Course of 6 to 12 depending on the condition being treated.

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Microneedling-Meta Therapy Hydration Facial Treatment

A 60 minute advanced microneedling facial skin treatment utilizing exfoliating enzymes, peptides and hyaluronic acid to improve hydtration and aid collagen synthesis.


Course of 6 £400

Microneedling-Meta Therapy Wrinkle Facial Treatment

A 60 minute anti-aging skin tightening treatment to reduce the signs of aging. Utilising plant stem cell anti oxidents, Vitamin A and collagen to aid cell regeneration for a more younger looking skin texture.


Course of 8 £640 plus 1 free

Microneedling-Meta Therapy Skin Brightening Facial Treatment

This 60 minute skin treatment targets sun damaged uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. Utilising Vitamin C, A and E and peptides to brighten and promote a youthful glow.


Course of 8 £640 plus 1 free

To include the neck and decolletage an addition of £20

Microneedling- Meta Therapy Eye Treatment

A 30 minute treatment targeting crows feet/wrinkles around the eyes. Utilising antioxidants and collagen to smooth and plump the skin.


Course of 8 £480 plus 1 free

Microneedling-Meta Therapy Frown Line Treatment

A 30 minute treatment to target frown lines and wrinkles on the forehead. Utilising stem cells, collagen and peptides to plump and smoothe the skin.


Course of 8 £480 plus 1 free



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