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Skin Rejuvenation

There are many types of skin treatments and procedures available on the market today. So much choice in search for the perfect beauty and skin treatment.

We strive for the perfect anti-aging treatment and product that is going to give us the results we are looking for. My belief has always been that if you are visiting an experienced specialist and paying for expensive state of the art treatments why would you put anyhting on your skin other than the best. In general recommendations are given the all the right reasons of which pride myself in those values, however in a target driven business environment I have still witnessed incorrect selling just to meet targets set by managment and commission craved by many therapists working for low pay in order to earn a decent living.

Although we can never stop the aging process we can certainly improve the health of our skin and our well being. Afterall it is not just about what is on the surface but it begins from within. Radiate your inner beauty by looking after yourself from a dietary aspect as well as your mental health right down to your choice of skin care products and choice of treatment...Quite simply if we feel good inside we look better on the outside.

Stress plays a major part in the way our bodies function. It is at the route of many illnesses and diseases today.Too much stress in our lives puts pressure on our bodies and in turn our immune system is impaired leaving us vulnerable to all kinds of illnesse and diseases that can affect our skin, mental health and can also lead to hairloss.

Products and treatments are individual to the person and the same does not always suit everyone. I have worked with so many products over the years and beacuse of this I choose what I feel gives great results and this does not always mean being led by the biggest name on the market. I cherry pick! I use all my passion for my work and knowledge to deliver a bespoke treament not only your skin but your wellbeing.

Aesthetic Beauty and advanced treatments by Geraldine Ridgway in Hertfordshire and Essex. Latest skin treatments for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.

Get the latest in advanced facials and skin treatments by Geraldine Ridgway in Hertford, Hertfordshire.
Dermalogica Facials
Meta Therapy Skin Needling in Hertfordshire by Geraldine Ridgway. The latest alternative to surgical face lifting. Perfcet for anti aging and sun damaged skin.
Meta Therapy Micro-Needling



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